100 Days Selected Project for Environment

Climate Justice equals Social Justice. The statements and the actions of the incoming administration portend a drastic reversal of the progress made in both climate action and social justice movements. 350 Pittsburgh recognizes the link between climate change and human rights, and that the effects of environmental devastation tend to be borne mostly by underserved populations.

This project, Unite100, invites groups to share events that will affirm and deepen our common ground and values. We are reaching out to other nonprofits who are dedicated to protecting human rights, supporting populations that may be threatened by the new administration, and taking all steps possible to protect our fragile environment. For 100 days, we are planning, and asking participating groups to plan, events such as vigils, marches, film screenings, workshops (ally training, creating a culture of peace), write-a-thons, and celebrations. We will support this effort with a shared web calendar, shared logo, and a common template for letters to elected representatives. This special series will provide opportunities for serious engagement across groups who may not know each other, help provide a rapid, visible response to the new administration, and help groups engage new members.

More broadly, we hope to demonstrate that change starts at the grassroots level, that by working together we can continue and build on recent progress in social and environmental justice movements, and that communities can still enact and enforce regulations that define who they are.

Project Leader/Applicant:

Kate Fissell from Pittsburgh (Braddock Hills / Forest Hills / Wilkinsburg)

Additional Team Members:

Ellen Wilson, Wanda Guthrie

Project Budget:


Related Links:

world.350.org/pittsburgh/ 350Pittsburgh homepage
www.facebook.com/Pittsburgh350/ 350Pittsburgh Facebook page

Important Dates:

  • January 20: Vigil in East Liberty. In these vigils across the country organized by GreenFaith, people of diverse faiths show their love for the Earth, and their commitment to people, planet, and communities. http://www.greenfaith.org/programs/environmental-justice/first-100-hours-vigils.
  • January 21: participate in DC Women’s March
  • February 2: Solar Workshop, East Liberty, with Solarize Allegheny
  • Late February: Islamic Center of Pittsburgh Ally Training
  • February or March: show DiCaprio’s Before the Flood movie
  • March 1: write-a-thon, Amnesty Intl. style, we are in discussion with the local chapter re collaboration.
  • March 1: Culture of Peace workshop with Elliott Adams
  • April 1: Marcellus Protest event, (committed but TBD)
  • April 29: People’s Climate March, DC, organized by 350.org and People’s Climate Mobilization
  • April 1: closing/bridge-to-future celebration: pull together all participating groups to celebrate what we have done and plan for next 4 years
  • TBD February-April: We will be inviting more groups to submit more events, e.g. art build, New Belgium Ben&Jerry event.