100 Days Selected Project for Race

At a time when violence against Black men and boys is under intense scrutiny, the experiences of young Black women, and girls are excluded from mainstream media and national, political discourse. To elevate and raise visibility of the gender-specific ways police brutality and anti-Black violence disproportionately affect Black women, femmes & girls, E3 will engage participants in a series of 3 workshops and teach-ins designed to provide a deep and crucial context to organizing for, by, and in communities of young Black women, femmes, and girls ages 12-24.

Beginning with a trauma-informed healing session, participants will not only be able to ground themselves to carry out the emotionally intensive work of community organizing, but also gain skills to pass along to others. A Black Women’s HERstory lecture will provide the necessary foundational knowledge of the long legacy of resistance and resilience carried out by Black women, femmes, and girls throughout time. An interactive self-defense workshop will give participants the skills to stay calm and focused in unsafe situations, followed by a teach-in on how gender-based violence and criminalization affect Black women, femmes, and girls in Pittsburgh. The final workshop will be a know-your-rights session specifically regarding interactions with law enforcement coupled with an introduction to community organizing around issues that impact young Black women, femmes, and girls in Pittsburgh.

This training series will empower participants to demand choices in their schools, communities, and lives that allow them to maximize their safety, self-sufficiency, and self-determination physically, emotionally, and politically. Following E3  we will continue building youth power by engaging participants in our SistahSpeak! Youth Project™, where we develop programs and special events that celebrate and affirm the beauty, strength, and resilience of young Black women and femmes.

Project Leader/Applicant:

Ash Chan from Pittsburgh (East Liberty)

Additional Team Members:

La'Tasha Mayes
Carmen Alexander
Heather McClain
India Hunter
Daunasia Yancey Aubrayia Dowdy

Project Budget:


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Important Dates:

  • March 11: For the 1st workshop and teach-in, Black HERStory & Social Justice Movements, on the afternoon of 11 March 2017: Participants will co-construct safe community spaces that center the dignity, leadership, and vision of young Black women and femmes; participants will reflect on the historic and current ways that Black women, femmes and girls have been impacted by government, political events, and cultural events; participants will elevate and affirm their lived experiences through storytelling and visioning; participants will learn healing and self-care practices to sustain their organizing efforts and overall wellbeing.
  • March 25: For the 2nd workshop and teach-in, Ending Violence, Ending Criminalization, on the afternoon of 25 March 2017: Participants will discuss the current and historic impact of criminalization and violence against Black women, femmes, and girls, such as the school-to-confinement pipeline and #SayHerName campaign; participants will develop strategies to end state and interpersonal violence; participants will learn basic self-defense and awareness tactics.
  • April 8: For the final workshop and teach-in, Organizing 101 for Young Black Women and Femmes, on the afternoon of 07 April 2017: Participants will build and share their leadership, skills and knowledge; participants will be trained on their rights in encounters with law enforcement; participants will develop strategies to increase safety and reduce the harms of interactions with police; participants will be familiarized with foundational skills and resources of grassroots organizing to radically mobilize for a more intersectional, gender-inclusive racial justice movement in their schools, communities and lives.