C068 Weekly Meeting

Circles Zero Six Eight (C068) is part of a proven national model that uses relationship building and community to empower its members to personal, communal, and financial success. Weekly meetings provide a meal and childcare for leaders (participants) to gather together and connect with one another around the shared experience of incarceration and poverty, using their stories to build one another up, help set goal and achieve goals, and become leaders in their communities.

C068 weekly meetings are designed to care for the whole family. The partners of the leaders and allies are encouraged to attend as well to help develop a strong family bond around creating and achieving positive goals and creating strong and stable households. C068 also cares for the families of its leaders. Targeted curriculum will help the children learn how to better think about financial and social responsibility, breaking the cycle of generational poverty that exists in so many families dealing with incarcerated families.

All meetings are open invite.  Please email Michael Van Ness at [email protected] or call at 571-438-2495 if you plan on attending.


Feb 22 2017

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Circles Zero Six Eight


Circles Zero Six Eight
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