100 Days Selected Project for Immigrants & Refugees

As we look forward to the First 100 Days of United States under a new President, immigrants are terrified. President-elect Trump has threatened to deport millions of people. Here in Pittsburgh, we aspire to be the most livable city… for everyone. To make this a reality for immigrants – now the fastest growing percentage of our population – it is imperative that we counter fear with education, information to create awareness of their rights and responsibilities, and resources to take action.

I propose to do this in the following ways:

Safety: I will work with the Zone 1 Commander Christopher Ragland to communicate to the Latino community that their role is not to seek out immigrants in order to deport them. Immigrants should understand the role of the police and that they, too, can reach out to the authorities in situations of crisis or danger.

Education: Every child has the right to an education, yet many Latino families lack the ability to communicate with the school system due to a lack of knowledge or inability to speak English. I will partner with the schools in Pittsburgh to identify the areas where this need exists and assist individual families to ensure that their children receive the educational opportunities and resources they deserve.

Health: I will partner with Healthy Start Pittsburgh, Northside Christian Health Center and other health organizations to ensure that Latino families are aware of the resources in our area. I will provide them with information so that they and their children can obtain the services without fear.

Public officials: I will meet with the Mayor’s Office (Welcoming Pittsburgh) and our members of City Council to explore ways in which they will support these efforts.

Community Support: Get neighbors to post window signs in multiple languages to make immigrants feel welcome.

Building for the Future: We will work with Casa San Jose and others to plan for the expansion of the Latino Center.

Project Leader/Applicant:

Gia Braafhart from Pittsburgh

Additional Team Members:

I have already reached out to a variety of people and organizations. The following have committed to support this effort: Casa San José, Centro Latino Americano, Northside Christian health Center, Zone One Pittsburgh Police, Safety Community Council, Healthy Start, Director of Public safety, Chief of Police, Iglésia Sión, Office Councilman Lavelle, A+ Schools, Perry Hilltop Citizens Council, Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group, Fineview Citizens Council, City Reach Network, Allegheny Community Blueprint, The Pittsburgh Projects, Allegheny Family Network, NS Chronicles PaperLatin American Cultural Union LACU, Allegheny Library, Education Law Center, Immigrants and International Initiatives, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, East Liberty and Licoln Lemington Health Care Center, ESL Department Pittsburgh Public Schools, Immigrant Integration Association, Squirrel Hill Health Center, Welcoming Pittsburgh (Mayor's Office), City Reach Pittsburgh, ACAC International Woman Group, Urban Impact Tutoring & Mentoring, Hispanic Pro Baseball Chaplain & Players

Project Budget:


Important Dates:

  • First 30 days: Meet with other organizations, plan workshops, prepare fliers, and signs so that we can hit the ground running.
  • Second 30 days: Hold 5 workshops/meetings to provide education and resources; Have signs printed and encourage neighbors to put up window signs and organizations to distribute them to their members; Provide interpretation and advocacy
  • Third 30 days: Hold 5 workshops/meetings to provide education and resources; Encourage neighbors to put up window signs; Provide interpretation and advocacy; Work with Casa San Jose and other organizations to plan for the expansion of the Allegheny County Community Blueprint to Pittsburgh’s North Side
  • Last 10 days: Review, assess and plan for the future