How to Find Deleted YouTube Videos

How to Find Deleted YouTube Videos How to Find Deleted YouTube Videos

Because YouTube videos are very popular, it creates a great video sharing platform for businesses, individuals, organizations, music videos, blogs, educational content, sports content, sports videos, promotions and more. direct, etc. But imagine a situation where you accidentally delete a very important video when editing, sharing or downloading your computer. How to find deleted YouTube videos?

The removal of the YouTube video can be done as usual. However, the accidental deletion of YouTube videos is very common. There are two ways to search for missing or deleted YouTube video files.

If the video is deleted after the download, it is saved on your computer and you can download it again.

Solution 1: Recover lost or deleted YouTube videos from

The first feature is the use of the YouTube Store. To restore YouTube videos using this method, a user must first access their YouTube email account. This account will receive information about previously uploaded videos. Includes all information about deleted or lost YouTube video files.

Find the video information for the second step and click on it. This will bring the URL of the deleted video, however, it can not be executed using the URL. Once this is done, a user must access the page. In the search field of this page, you must copy and paste the URL of a deleted video and click on the browser history. This will bring YouTube download history when each video is uploaded.

All other information about this removed YouTube video will appear on this page. In this way, you can download relevant YouTube videos and upload them back to an associated channel. Sometimes this method does not work.

If this method does not help you, do not worry. Follow Solution 2 and restore deleted YouTube videos from your computer.

Solution 2:Restore deleted YouTube videos from your computer.

The Bitwar data recovery system is the best solution for recovering lost or deleted original YouTube video files. If the original files are deleted or lost from your computer, Bitwar Data Recovery will look for the original video created from your computer and restore the videos again.

Download Bitwar Data Recovery for free and install it on your computer. Follow the step-by-step guide to restore the missing video files.

Step 1. select the partition or device

Once Bitwar data recovery is installed, launch it & nbsp; A partition or device where you want to recover the deleted YouTube videos and Click on “Next”.

how to find deleted youtube videos

Step 2: Select the Scan Mode

Select quick scan to recover it from accidental deletion. Select Formatted Recovery to recover formatted files, after that click on the Next button.
If you can not see the previously scanned files, try a thorough scan.

how to find deleted youtube videos

Select the file types and select the “Video” types when you want to restore the deleted YouTube video, then click “Next” to start the scan.

how to find deleted youtube videos

Step 3: Preview and recover video files

During the video scanning process, the scanned video files are listed in the video program under File type tree. All undamaged movies are previewed before reinstalling the deleted video. The scanning process to preview and recover can be paused and stopped.
After scanning, you can preview the scanned video files, then you can track the tracked files and click the “Reset” button to get what you want.

Warning: You must not save the device in files or partitions that you have lost in the video file.

how to find deleted youtube videos

After that, you can watch the removed/deleted YouTube videos and uploaded them back to your YouTube channel.

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