100 Days Selected Project for Education

Our main goals are:

  • To create a respectful, inclusive and safe learning environment and community
  • To build understanding of the value and benefits of diversity
  • To improve intergroup relations
  • To eradicate anti-Semitism, racism and all forms of bigotry
  • To encourage personal responsibility in the promotion of justice and equity

A recent School Climate Survey, we conducted with PDE and the BVIU indicated 72.6% of our 610 students feel that peers are teased/picked on at school; 54.6% of students felt race, religion and other personal characteristics were often the basis of the teasing/bullying. Safe and respectful school environments are essential for student learning. Participation in anti-bias education training, members of the school community are better equipped to develop and maintain respectful and inclusive learning environments. Student participants volunteered to be part of our OLWEUS Anti-Bullying committee, which was recently formed. They have already received training from Sandy Hook Promise’s “Say Something.” These students have expressed a desire to become peer mediators and school leaders to assist in improving our school environment and increase feelings of acceptance among students.

The Anti-Defamation League training will include:

  1. Introduction and warm-ups,introduction and establish agreed-upon ground rules for discussion.
  2. Personal and Cultural Identity activities
  3. Understanding the Language of Bias
  4. Examining Bias activities
  5. Challenging Bias activities
  6. Assessment activities and action planning

Additionally, we plan to meet weekly with our students after school during club/activity time to continue programmatic changes within our school and to create a more inclusive environment. The culminating event will be a school wide assembly planned and facilitated by our OLWEUS Student Leadership Team. The assembly will include a Wheelmill professional BMX presentation on anti-bullying and inclusion.

Project Leader/Applicant:

Jessica Webster from Aliquippa

Additional Team Members:

Janae Batchelor, Nicole Rodgers

Project Budget:


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Important Dates:

  • Late January-Early June: Weekly afterschool meetings with Olweus Student Leadership Committee to plan activities including end of the year assembly specific to Creating a World of Difference
  • January-February: Students will design t-shirts to wear to the training and as student leaders/peer mediators
  • February 1: A WORLD of DIFFERENCE Institute full day training with Anti-Defamation League