How To Use The Instagram Archive Feature

How To Use The Instagram Archive Feature How To Use The Instagram Archive Feature

Instagram developers added features to the archive. From this update, it’s easy to manage your account content and organize your feed.
In this article, we will help you find a collection on this site and you can use it.

Why do you need an Instagram feature archive?

Imagine that you have a lot of positions and that you are inappropriate. Deleting these publications and photos will not be the best solution

In fact, you should hide it by adding a story / publication to an archive. It’s not like removing the post / story before Instagram. You can still access your account by saving your content.

Where are the archives on Instagram?

The archive is located in the same name as the Instagram application. In the meantime, there are two sub-divisions:
1) Archives Histories
2) Archives Posts.

How to add an article to Instagram Archives

The latest version can be downloaded for mobile phones (iOS and iOS).

  • Go to your profile and click on the right menu button.
  • In the menu, click on the “News Archives” button.
  • This article will be sent to Instagram archives.
  • To search for hidden messages, open your profile again and click on the icon at the top right.

How to get Images saved on Instagram

For example, you have changed your mind and now want to restore the posts saved in Instagram. In fact, it’s very easy. To retrieve a publication from your collection, follow these steps:

  • Open Instagram archives
  • Select the message you want to remove from the collection (or the registered Instagram option).
  • Click on the menu and select “Show on profile”.

How to use the Archiving Feature

All users did not fully appreciate this feature, but instead added a well-understood goal to Instagram. We recommend several ways to use the archive function.

Organize your Instagram Feed

This is not the only way to use the ability to retrieve a collection. If this feature is useful:

  • You have decided to organize your Instagram feed,
  • You can add your profile together,
  • You will focus on a brand or image of a person.
  • You can simply add the question and see the normal “look” in the updated profile.

The Instagram archive tries to search for publications by adding publications or photos, or restoring them.
If the result is not satisfied, read it in the collection and start a new one.

Inappropriate or Outdated Content to be Removed

Obviously, there are many reasons to delete Instagram posts. In your opinion, if the content does not match the interests of your audience, it’s easy to remove it, be precise and hide it. Why do you have to do something and have the chance to come back to life? This useful collection has been created.

  • An added benefit of a “move” is a message.
  • Postponed Publication (draft creation)
  • Add it to the Instagram collection. You can create and edit them using the Collection feature.

However, the ease of collection is very useful. The most important thing is to allow you to avoid accidental destruction.

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