How to install and setup VPN on PS4 under 5 minutes

How to install and setup VPN on PS4 under 5 minutes How to install and setup VPN on PS4 under 5 minutes

PlayStation is one of the powerful and best products that Sony has ever released. The exclusive purpose of the PlayStation series is to provide its users with the ultimate gaming experience. However, the PlayStation 4 can be used for other purposes apart from gaming and entertainment purposes.

In this article, we’ve given a quick guide to help you to install and set up a VPN on PlayStation 4. Before stepping into it, let’s give you a brief info on Why you need a VPN for PS4.

Why PS4 needs a VPN?

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you might have experienced slowdowns in your game while playing. VPN will help you to eliminate the slowdowns in your game. In recent times, most of the people across the globe are likely to play an online game with their friends instead of playing offline games alone.

Therefore, the VPN comes into the play. For better online gaming experience, a player needs a server with good speed. VPN will let you connect to various servers from all over the globe. Apart from online gaming, a VPN will let you access the games that are not yet unveiled in your country.

How to install and setup VPN on PS4?

You might be wondering how to install and setup the best PS4 VPN on your device. No need to worry anymore. You can easily accomplish your VPN installation on PS4 for any VPN services. To do so, link your PC to the router through wifi. And link the PS4 with PC with the LAN cable and follow the steps below.

Steps to install and setup VPN on PS4

  • Install the required VPN services on your computer.
  • Launch the VPN and link to the US server.
  • Navigate to the Control Panel of your system and click on Network and Sharing Center that allow other network users to connect via your PC’s internet connection.
  • Choose the Home Networking connection and select the network you wish to share from the menu.
  • Now, on your PS4 navigate to “Settings” and “Network Settings”.
  • Then choose the Setup network connection, tap “Use a LAN cable” and choose “Easy connection method”.
  • Now, you can make use of the secure internet provided by VPN on the PlayStation 4.

Here is a list of the best PS4 VPN, that includes both free and paid VPN. From this list, choose the best VPN for your PlayStation 4 console.

Bottom Lines

These are the steps to install and set up a VPN on your PS4. Moreover, you can use this method to install the VPN on all the VPN supported router. If you have any queries while installing VPN on your PS4, feel free to contact us!

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