100 Days Selected Project for Women

The Shattered Glass podcast is a direct response to the heartbreak many felt after Hillary Clinton came so close to shattering the glass ceiling of the United States Presidency. Outside of Washington, the glass ceilings of the working world for women are shattering one by one and we want to document that progress and create more opportunities for women to succeed and make their voices heard. As co-hosts, Monica and Marita will interview women in leadership who have faced barriers to becoming successful in their careers. Shattered Glass will be released monthly featuring interviews with women who are shaping the future and creating more spaces at the table for other women to join in.

As we begin this journey, our plan is to interview women working in Pittsburgh and move beyond after we get our feet wet. Whether a powerful woman is coming through town for a speaker series or she is poised in a position that brings her through Pittsburgh for some other reason, we are going to capture stories of women and their experiences in shattering the glass ceiling in their world. These conversations will be available and welcoming to all people – women looking for leadership opportunities, men seeking to be allies to women and minorities, and all others working towards equality in the workplace.

Project Leader/Applicant:

Monica Hershberger from Pittsburgh (Swissvale / Edgewood)

Additional Team Members:

Marita Garrett, Jessica Kaminsky

Project Budget:


Related Links:

shatteredglasspodcast.com Project Website
www.facebook.com/shatteredglasspodcast/ Facebook page
twitter.com/ShatterGlassPod Twitter

Important Dates:

  • January 23: Release First Episode!