100 Days Selected Project for Voting & Democracy

A democracy should be representative of the people it serves. Right now – and based on the most recent election – our current political system does not look like our diverse country. Men comprise 49% of the population, but 79% of republican candidates and 67% of democratic candidates. The mission of She Runs SWPA is to get more women in local office. In order to achieve this goal, we will create a coalition of organizations that focus on getting women involved and prepared to run for office and public policy initiatives that directly influence women. She Run SWPA will serve help augment their already limited marketing and outreach arm.

To date, we have spoken with Emerge PA, the Women and Girls Foundation, Represent PA, and Center for Women in Politics. In addition, we will build off of the community dialogue session that we hosted on December 7, 2016 that drew 50 attendees, and host 5 additional community events to help women connect with campaigns, candidates, and issues, while creating a space to further dialogue of what barriers exist that prevent local women from being involved in the local civic system.

Along with our grassroots activities, we will launch our “advocacy on-demand” website function that will connect interested individuals with women candidates who are seeking volunteers for their campaign and serve as a starting point for those interested in finding out more about local political office. We will also host a podcast that invites local candidates to talk about issues and policies that impact our region.

Project Leader/Applicant:

Sara Innamorato from Pittsburgh (Lawrenceville)

Additional Team Members:

Olivia Benson, Rebecca Watters, Bernandie Jean, Rachel Martone, Jennifer Van Dam, Sore Shields, Elaine Evosevic-Lozada

Project Budget:


Related Links:

twitter.com/sherunsswpa Twitter
facebook.com/SheRunsSWPA Facebook

Important Dates:

  • February 6: Build a formal coalition of women’s organizations
  • February 28: Launch a website with advocacy on demand functionality
  • March 3: Host one of the community engagement events in East Liberty
  • May 1: Host one of the community engagement event in Northside
  • March 1: Launch digital storytelling platform (podcast)