100 Days Selected Project for Women

With funding from the 100 Days of US, PPWP would be able to present an engagement campaign titled “Standing Strong Together-Tools to Make Your Voice Count” that would work to bring information and develop skills needed to engage individuals in political activism around the issue of reproductive health care access. 74% of the individuals who turn to Planned Parenthood for services have annual incomes that are lower than 150% of the federal poverty rate. If Paul Ryan’s call to have Planned Parenthood removed from Medicaid and Trump’s threats to gut Obamacare are successful then there is a very real possibility that patients will have nowhere to turn for services.

This campaign will launch with a large kick-off event in early March at Artists Image Resource (AIR) located in the North Side followed by weekly engagement workshops/calls to action that will occur every Sunday until mid-April. All of the events will be open to the public and will focus on increasing awareness of political attacks on birth control access and provide participants with the information they need to amplify their voices through letter writing, calls to legislators and lobby visits.

The goal of the kick-off campaign is to bring 200 individuals together to create feminist-inspired t-shirts; participants will choose from 3 available designs commissioned by local artists and working with the staff at AIR, attendees will silkscreen their shirts and create custom yard/rally signs. The event will also include workshops focused on social media activism, civic engagement skill-building (letter writing, phone banking, letters to the editor, and making personal calls to legislators) along with a speaker series focused on the political threats currently facing birth control access. Our second project goal is to have at least half of the attendees who come to the kick-off event also attend additional workshops and engage in at least one political action that we will present through mid-April.

Project Leader/Applicant:

Jody Figas from Pittsburgh (Downtown / Strip District)

Additional Team Members:

Jessica Semler

Project Budget:


Related Links:

ppwp.org website

Important Dates:

  • February 1: Call for artists for t-shirt and poster designs
  • March 3: Kick off event
  • March - Early April: Weekly engagement workshop