100 Days Selected Project for Voting & Democracy

This past election has shown the division in the country and it is important that this division be narrowed by helping to educate the community. Our approach will be positive to support connection between people though listening to both sides and understanding the root of the problem. We believe there is no right or wrong side. We are out to prove that the majority of people can reach a consensus through open communications. This is important to us because we want unity in this country with equal opportunity for everyone. This will not happen if people are not out there leading the way.

We will have a diverse group of people because we will be working with over 20 different communities and we eventually want to move across the state. We will work to recruit a diverse group of people who are interested in increasing the voter percentage in the 2018 mid-term election, educating their community and being an active voice for children and families. We will work to establish a network of “Change Agents” who will educate the public about the importance of voting in all elections, the function of the Electoral College, how to decipher between real and fake news and provide resources through a campaign titled “That’s US” The Change Agents will be recruited as individuals and community organizations. We want to recruit 100 change agents in the first 100 days. They will participate in an orientation session where they will be given booklets that outline the importance of voting, the Electoral College, how to recognize fake news and find accurate information.

Change Agents will then be a direct link to their community by: Participating in the Advocacy/Communications Committee to keep up to date on issues and voting Plan and participate in events and activities related to voting Connect to the community for dialogue about issues of concern, community issues, needs related to voting Help plan and evaluate next steps for advocacy on issues of importance to their community.

Project Leader/Applicant:

Elaine Harris-Fulton from Pittsburgh (Braddock Hills / Forest Hills / Wilkinsburg)

Additional Team Members:

LaTisha Jones

Project Budget:


Related Links:

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Important Dates:

  • January 17: regular monthly meeting to put together information booklets needed for training the Change Agents. Each Change Agent will receive a packet of information to share with community members, wrist bands and maybe a Change Agent t-shirt
  • January 20: Recruitment at Community Voices meeting
  • February 17: Community Voices meeting and training of Change Agents
  • March 17: Presentation at Policy Board and Community Voices meetings
  • April 21: Community Voices
  • February 15: Parent Council meetings