100 Days Selected Project for LGBTQIA+

Transient is a talking head style documentary following trans individuals in Pittsburgh. The focus will be about their experience thus far with the Trump administration and its proposals and tone as related to their community in regards to their safety/comfort/trans identity. The initial proposed production will include interviews with 10 trans individuals regarding their concerns and will revisit as many of those individuals as possible after 100 days. One focus of the production will be to present to LGB and straight cisgender community alike, an inside, in depth perspective into the ‘trans world’. Film to hopefully be accepted and aired at festivals in and outside of Pittsburgh, (county or worldwide).

My name is Mark, I am a 2015 film studies graduate from the University of Pittsburgh. After a semester as a general body member of Pitt’s Rainbow Alliance (LGBT outreach community), I served on its steering committee for two additional semesters before graduating. I have completed numerous films, including a short that won an award at the Carnegie Museum of Art’s 2-minute film festival in 2014 and a documentary I made in Pittsburgh last March called It Should Feel Like Home, which explored the intersections of LGBT identities and homelessness. You can view this here: https://vimeo.com/175062918 In the first 100 days of the Trump Administration it is possible that as a result of discourse in the election cycle many groups will become the target of hate and discrimination. With this grant I aim to help trans people in Pittsburgh voices be heard to a broader audience.

Project Leader/Applicant:

Mark Janavel from Pittsburgh (North Side)

Project Budget:


Important Dates:

  • January 21: begin process of finding candidates
  • May 1: begin post production
  • June 2: complete & deliver project